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Thrive Lab helps you to achieve significant growth.

When building a business challenges may arise. Thrive Lab guides you in transforming these challenges into opportunities. Together we create an executable plan to reach immediate results.


Strategy | Business modelling | Fundraising


To prepare for tomorrow's world, organisations are in need of a smart strategy that suits their values. Thrive Lab uses a structured approach to help you develop a sustainable strategic plan, while taking into consideration market dynamics and the perspective of your client.

Business modelling

Maintaining and increasing revenue are crucial for competing in aspect to compete in today's environment. A change in pricing strategy or a commercial partnership can add great benefits to your sales turnover or revenue. Thrive Lab will helps to discover the endless possibilities and create a business model that suits the value of your business and clients. 



In today's macroeconomic context, alternative sourcing of funding is essential for the long-term growth of start-ups. Depending on the type of business and the phase of the start-up different strategies may be applicable. Thrive Lab will provide you with in-depth insights on the short- and long term effects of the types of fundraising and advices you on potential investors who match your values.

What our clients say

We started working with Thrive Lab at the perfect time, at the beginning of the growth period. The clear insights and objective view has helped us build a strong strategy and model our business in a future-orientated way. We are right now searching for funding, a tedious and challenging task, but with Thrive Lab beside us, we are sure that the outcome will be positive.


Co-founder & CEO OptiOffer


Thrive Lab excels in having a vision on the long-term while taking all market dynamics into account. With this expertise as fundamental base, Thrive Lab is able to find market opportunities in order to build a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.


Marketing manager Clear


The approach that Thrive Lab uses allowed us to look at our company in a different way. Thanks to the clear strategic plans that Thrive Lab designed with us, we immediately could start with expanding our company. We are looking forward to a long-term sustainable partnership with Thrive Lab.


Owner Basta e-commerce


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